Dr. Sundar Robert Dreyfus


Dr. Sundar Robert Dreyfus MD from Switzerland has studied and explored for 30 years realms of consciousness from many wisdom traditions and science.

Since 1979 a European representative to the Acadamy For Future Science and “The Keys of Enoch” by Dr. J.J. Hurtak he teaches the Keys since many years.


On commission of the Indian Avatar Herakhan Babaji he founded 28 years ago the “Center of Unity Schweibenalp”, a unique place in the Swiss Alps, where a spiritual interfaith community has devoted its energy since then on promoting global consciousness through spiritual practice and interreligious peace work.


Sundars path and life are focussed on the Love of the “cosmic Messiah” within us and amongst us as the foundation for a transformation of all those who wish to participate in the experience of a New Humanity.